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Data needed for GP OOH services in July

16 June 2016

Clinical Pathways are doing a survey to find out how clinicians are using GPOOH services during July.

We are hoping that this will give us some soIid data on how long crews are waiting on scene for call-backs, and the types of complaints they are asking for GPOOH help with. This will help us improve our services. steth

We are asking that all clinical staff answer a few simple questions when they go to incidents where they contact GP OOHs (see below).

 In order to collect maximum data and make it as easy as possible, we are offering a choice of email, Survey Monkey, whiteboard, station diaries and the T drive to gather this information. Survey Monkey is best – if you have a smartphone you can download the link and do it after each GPOOH incident (it takes less than 5 minutes).

If you would rather not use this method, you can:

  1. Use the Survey Monkey link from a station PC (there’s a link on the right hand side of the staff page of the intranet)
  2. Email us the details of your GPOOH incidents to
  3. Use the spreadsheet on the T drive: My Computer > Public (P:) > Kent > GP OOH Survey                                                                                         

Write the incidents down on station diaries or whiteboards. We are asking CTLs or other designated staff to collate this information and send it back to us.

We really don’t mind how the information is recorded, just that we get it in one form or another!

We need:  Incident number, Day of week and time, Grade of clinician, Presenting complaint (on assessment), Reason for contacting GPOOH, Initial response and call-backs times, Outcome for patient, Any other comments.

Although we are mainly looking at the month of July, the survey is live now and we don’t mind if you start to fill it out this month. All data is valuable and will be looked at.

If you have any queries or feedback, please feel free to email us at

Claire Hall and Tom Pullen, Clinical Pathways and Non Conveyance Leads

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