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New HQ

16 March 2016

The work on the new SECAmb HQ is continuing and we are now getting into some of the details of what the new building will look like.  To help with this we have employed some design specialists – Hu-Tech – to help us explore options and come up with a plan.  We need your help in this.

This week the designers from Hu-Tech will be in Banstead, Coxheath and Lewes on Wednesday to Friday.  They will be walking round with a member of the transformation team observing what we do and thinking about how we can make best use of space. 

It would be very helpful if you could share your ideas about this: what works, what doesn’t, what needs to?  What are your priorities for your working area – location, space, confidentiality, functions?  Please give us your time as we tour the building so we can gain a better understanding of the requirements for the new HQ.

As well as the general informal walk around we will also be holding an open meeting for anyone who hasn’t had a chance to chat to come along and share their views. 

 More details to follow on the day but this will be in the afternoon on each sit.  It is important to note that this meeting will only be about the design aspect of the move, not the equally important and related HR issues which will be dealt with separately.  But please do have a think in advance and let us have your view.

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