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Internet Explorer Upgrade

14 December 2016

News about the IE11 Upgrade and Conferencing Calls.


In order to ensure our IT systems are as secure as possible and enable all staff to access the new intranet when it goes live we will be continuing to roll-out the latest Internet Explorer 11.

For those of you with older versions of the browser this will be a non-intrusive automated process and once installed on your machine a restart will make it take effect.

Conferencing Calls

If you’re a user of the SECAmb Call Conferencing Service, we thought we should clear up a few questions people recently had about accessing the service.   

Please take a look at the information below and make sure you update your phonebooks and Outlook meeting appointments.


To help simplify things we suggest people dial-in using 0330 336 0528.

·         Calls to this number are free from Trust landlines and also from Vodafone mobiles provided to staff. This does not include those mobile phones issued to CFRs or Vehicles.

·         If you are calling-in using your own phone (mobile or landline) and you have bundled inclusive minutes which include calls to 01x/02x numbers, then the 03x number should also be included.
This effectively makes the call free for the participant. Please check with your phone provider first if you are unsure.

·         If you do not have bundled minutes or have used up any inclusive minutes, the call should cost the same as dialling a number starting 01x/02x.

·         Please note the Trust is also charged a service cost directly by the provider of the call conferencing service at 4.4p/min per caller.


A couple of 0844 numbers have been advertised in the past, due to the high costs of these, as previously advised, these have been ceased.
Please remove these 0844 numbers from your contacts and appointments now.


An 0800 is available which can be provided to groups of people such as governors and patient representatives, who are not provided with phones by the Trust.  
0800 numbers should be free for everyone calling from either a landline or mobile phone, however the Trust is charged at significantly higher rate by the provider.


Don’t forget it’s possible to use the Trust’s Mitel phone system to hold small conference calls.

·         Once you have called and are connected to the first participant

·         Press the ‘TRANS/CONF’ key ( Mitel ) on the Mitel handset

·         Dial the next participant’s phone number or extension

·         Press the TRANS/CONF key ( ) again to join all the parties.

·         You can do this again if you need to add further participants.

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