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Infection Prevention and Control Awareness Month

24 November 2016

Infection PreventionIt is Infection Prevention and Control Awareness Month and through the month we will be bringing you reminders about the five moments for hand hygiene in the clinical setting; aseptic non-touch technique (ANTT) requirements; environmental cleanliness standards and finally some specific diseases information.

This week we are covering specific diseases with advice about tuberculosis, scabies, meningitis, MRSA, blood bourne viruses and the norovirus..

A-Z of Disease Specific Precautions

Remember risk to staff is mostly low for these diseases as long as universal infection control procedures are followed.

For more information about specific disease that you may encounter look at our pages on our  Infection Prevention and Control zone on the intranet.

It is imperative that all staff meet their individual responsibilities in keeping their environment and equipment clean, and thus help to reduce the risks of cross infection/contamination to themselves and their colleagues.

This can best be achieved by all staff participating in frequent and routine cleaning activities during the working shift.

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