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Fraud Awareness

16 November 2016
We are supporting Fraud Awareness Month and International Fraud Awareness Week (13-19 November) as part of our commitment to creating a culture where fraud and bribery against SECAmb and the wider NHS is not tolerated.

Throughout the month we want to increase awareness amongst staff of fraud and bribery reFraudlated issues pertinent to the NHS, such as conflicts of interest, gifts and hospitality and cybercrime.  Please see the attached counter fraud awareness document, which provides information on some of these areas and how to report any concerns you may have.

Each week we will release a mixture of fraud spotlights, fact sheets and other fraud and bribery related material. Please take the time to read the various counter fraud materials and resources.

Complete our questionnaire

We are also launching a questionnaire at the end of the month to assess the levels of fraud awareness within the organisation and are encourage all SECAmb staff to complete and return this by 31 December, which shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds.  

Further advice – one of our contact our fraud specialist s

For further information about fraud  - or if you wish to report suspected fraud or corruption - please contact the Trust’s Local Counter Fraud Specialist, Tina Jones on 07972 004119. Tabitha Vidal on 07528 970134 or Nick Aronin on 07800 617263

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