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Trust publishes review into Red 3 Green 5 Pilot

15 March 2016

South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust has today (Tuesday, 15 March 2016) published the independent review undertaken by Deloitte into its Red 3/Green 5 Pilot.

This review looked specifically at the decision-making processes and governance around the implementation of the pilot. 

It did not look at the impact of the pilot on patients (i.e. whether patients’ conditions were worsened or treated more effectively than usual as a result of the pilot), which is subject to a separate, clinically-led independent review, due to be concluded by June 2016.

The Trust welcomes and accepts the findings of the review in full.  It recognises that the governance surrounding the pilot was inadequate, and has already started to make serious changes to the way matters of governance are managed and dealt with to make sure lessons are learnt and a lapse in governance of this sort does not happen again.

A joint recovery plan is being agreed with the Trust’s commissioners and Monitor, its national regulator, to address concerns.

We will publish the full findings of the independent patient impact review as soon as it is complete.

However, in the preliminary work to date, no clear indications of patient harm have been identified. Indeed, the review has identified a number of seriously-ill patients who received an improved response, due to earlier clinical intervention, as a consequence of the pilot.

The Trust Chair, Tony Thorne, has today confirmed his resignation, having informed Monitor in December of his intention to resign once there was a new Chair in place.  SECAmb would like to thank Tony for his commitment and clear direction to the Trust during the past four and a half years.

The Trust is pleased to announce that it is appointing Sir Peter Dixon as the Interim Chair, at Monitor’s request and is looking forward to working with him. The process and timetable for appointing a permanent Chair will be agreed in line with legislation and the Trust’s constitution.

SECAmb Chief Executive Paul Sutton is currently taking mutually-agreed leave of absence, while the Trust determines the appropriate actions to take.

We are also making available today a summary of the Independent Review, undertaken by RSM the Trust’s internal auditors, at the Trust’s request, into Ambulance Quality Indicators. .

SECAmb would like to take this opportunity to reassure members of the public that the Trust and its staff are, and always have been, committed to delivering a high level of patient care and service. Staff from across the Trust are, as ever, working hard to provide a safe and highly-skilled level of professional care, which patients, quite rightly expect to receive. 

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