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CQC inspection Identification

22 April 2016

The CQC inspectors will be visiting the Trust from Tuesday, 3 May, until Friday, 6 May.  Groups of inspectors will be visiting stations and hospitals.

They will want to talk to patients, carers, and staff (at all levels) about their experiences of care provided, aCQC Teamnd will also observe everyday activities and the environment.

They could visit during the day or night, and will want to observe patient care in practice and they may wish to view policies, procedures and supporting documents. They will assess if systems and processes operate as laid out in policies, and follow the patient pathway through the service.

They may be at a station or a hospital while you are working if they do they will be wearing the ID badge which is detailed below.

If they approach you and this badge is not visible then please ask to see or take their name and check with EOC who will have details of all the inspectors’ names.  

There is more information on the intranet about what to do if inspectors visit a station or hospital while you are on duty.

If you have any concerns then please contact the CQC support team

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