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Appraisals for 2016-17

03 June 2016

Following the roll out of the new appraisal process last June, we have received some very valuable feedback, and have been able to make some improvements on both the form and the process for this year (2016/17)

Staff AppraisalsAppraisal Form 2016/17

As you will see, the form looks very similar, but we have been able to pre-populate the Organisation’s Strategic Objectives on the front page, to make the whole process more user-friendly.

We have also reduced the number of possible individual objectives from 5 to 3, to help with consistency and fairness.

The process and therefore the form (page 2 and again on page 6) now includes the NHS core competencies once again (KSF Knowledge and Skills Framework that we have used in the past).

This framework provides us with evidence of the required NHS standards for every role within the Trust.

There is now an opportunity to identify development needs at every review, and we have alsoadded in an opportunity to identify “risk of leaving / aspirations / potential next move” on the first review, to help provide us with information that can be included in our Organisation’s Talent Pool and Succession Plan.

We have outlined the process and broken it down to activities for each quarter, to help make sure that you know exactly what is required.

We hope you like the “new and improved” version of the Appraisal Form. In order to assist you with this process, we would like to provide some or all of the following support:

  • Drop in sessions
  • Attendance at meetings to explain the process and form in more detail and answer any questions
  • Support by phone / communicator

Please let Joanne Lightfoot or Katy Larkin know what would be most helpful for you and your teams and we will do our best to accommodate.

Please note that this new form is for use as from April 2016. The new form is available on the Intranet under “My Working Life”. All the old paperwork is no longer available.

Over the appraisal year each employee is entitled to understand what is expected of them. An appraisal should be seen as a two way process so we urge you to let us know before the end of June 2016, if you have not had your meeting with your manager to set your appraisal objectives.

For help and support please email the following mailbox: or call Katy Larkin 07795 306901 or Joanne Lightfoot 07917 277323.

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