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#HelloMyNameIs Campaign

10 April 2015

Hello my name is..More than 95% of the 999 callers responding to SECAmb’s October 2014 999 patient survey were satisfied or very satisfied with the service and care they receive, and we see similarly high results for our PTS staff too.

SECAmb is committed to further improving the patient experience, and we know that the kindness and care we show to patients and their families is in many cases more important to them than the clinical treatment we provide.

#hellomynameis was launched in September 2013 by Dr Kate Granger, an Elderly Medicine Registrar who at 29 years old was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and the aim of the campaign is to reinforce the importance of healthcare staff introducing themselves to patients.

While Dr Granger was being treated in hospital for post-operative sepsis, she noticed that not every member of staff who approached her introduced themselves.

Dr Granger said "As a patient, you are in a vulnerable position. The healthcare team knows so much personal information about you, yet you often know nothing about them. This results in a very one-sided power imbalance. A simple introduction can help to redress this imbalance. I firmly believe it is not just about knowing someone's name, but it runs much deeper. It is about making a human connection, beginning a therapeutic relationship and building trust. In my mind it is the first rung on the ladder to providing compassionate care."

The campaign has already been adopted by many NHS organisations, and we are hoping that SECAmb staff will adopt and promote it too. Dr Kate is still with us and is still tweeting, and in fact tweeted back to CTLs at a Key Skills ‘train the trainer’ session just last week! Kate is keen to notch up as many pledges from health professionals as possible, and asks staff to leave a comment on her page along with their introduction:

More information can be found on the main #hellomynameis website, including free-to-use logos, messages from celebrities who are endorsing the campaign, video clips of Kate talking about her passion for the subject, and news of events: .

It would be a great start to include the logo as part of all of our email sign-offs to show our support and to remind us of the importance of introducing ourselves to patients, and to colleagues, and the logo can be downloaded from the main website.  Staff in some ambulance services have printed “Hello my name is …” notices to sit on their desks, and are using the logo as a screen saver.  There will be lots of ways we can promote the campaign, so please do have a think about it and contact me with your ideas and suggestions. 

Thank you in advance for your support, which will be very much appreciated by SECAmb and by Dr Kate Granger.

Louise Hutchinson, Patient Experience Lead

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