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Five-year-old boy reunited with his life-savers

Press release 9 November 2010

A five-year-old boy, who fell 12 foot from a first floor window, was reunited with the ambulance staff that went to his aid.

Caleb Weller from Gillingham met with some of the Medway staff who were called to the emergency at Caleb’s home on Thursday, 15 July.

His mother, Gemma (26) said: “I don’t remember a great deal about what happened, only that there was a lot of ambulance staff and police everywhere.

“However, everyone was very focused on Caleb and I knew they were doing everything to help him.  I simply can’t thank everyone enough for what they have done.  I know just how lucky we are to have him with us.”

Gemma first became aware of the near fatal incident when she heard Caleb crying.  Initially she thought the crying was coming from the bedroom where he had been playing with a friend. However, she soon realised it was coming from outside.

She said: “I went outside to the garden and found Caleb lying on the floor in a pool of blood.”

First to arrive on scene were technicians, Tom Taylor and Nicky Rumens. They were quickly joined by Clinical Team Leader, paramedic Cheryl McCormick, before the air ambulance and further ambulance staff, Barbara Whitmill and Kathryn Page arrived.

Nicky said: “When we arrived, Caleb had been moved inside and was lying on the sofa.  We soon realised this was very serious and that Caleb may have suffered a head injury. I immediately requested the air ambulance to attend, while Tom assessed Caleb.”

The ambulance staff then made arrangements to rendezvous with the air ambulance medics at a nearby park and were getting ready to transfer Caleb when Cheryl arrived.

Cheryl said: “It was clear that Caleb had suffered a serious head injury and it was certainly critical that he received urgent medical attention. Therefore, it was crucial that the air ambulance was able to provide the necessary transportation to a specialist unit and in this case the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel.”

Caleb had suffered a fractured skull and Gemma was told by doctors that should he pull through it was likely he would be severally brain damaged.  However, Caleb made an amazing full recovery and after 12 days in hospital, he was able to return home.

Gemma said: “We never gave up hope that he would pull through.  We were prepared to deal any disability Caleb may have had but in the end he was fine.  I really believe that this is partly due to the care and treatment he received when the ambulance staff arrived.”

Gemma still does not know the circumstances which led to Caleb falling from the window but she is keen to warn other parents of the potential dangers of unguarded windows.

She said: “I would hate for anyone to have to go through what we went through.  I would just ask parents to check the locks on their windows and consider fixing window restrictors to first floor windows.”

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