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Equality Information and Monitoring

There are two specific duties under the act which require us to publish information to demonstrate how we meet the general duty. One of these requires us to publish information that demonstrates that we understand the impact of our decisions on people with protected characteristics. We are required to publish this information on an annual basis.

SECAmb supports the principle of equality and diversity in service provision and employment and opposes all forms of discrimination. All patients accessing our services and all staff and volunteers, whether part-time or full-time and whether permanent or temporary, will be treated fairly and with respect.

In January 2012, as a listed public body (NHS Trust), we began publishing equality information.   Later that year we moved our publication date to November in recognition of the significant demands on the service during the winter months. The latest publication of equality information (November 2015) is accessed by the links below.

Gathering equality information and using it to inform decision-making enables us to achieve better outcomes for our patients, improves staff experience and satisfaction. and achieves greater value for money in the services we deliver, through better targeting of services. 

In order to have due regard to the aims of the general equality duty, we must demonstrate that we understand the impact of our policies and practices on people with protected characteristics. Collecting and analysing equality information is an important way for us to develop this understanding.

The information we collect ensures that we have enough evidence to inform the decisions we make, enabling us to deliver the best possible services for our patients and working environments for staff. We worked closely with our Inclusion Hub Advisory Group (a diverse group of stakeholders and staff, including representation of all protected characteristics) and our Inclusion Working Group (a group of senior managers responsible for embedding Equality and Diversity in the Trust) to develop a core data set of information  to publish against. Each area of information has an identified lead for collecting and analysing the information and details the anticipated outcomes of collecting and using the information in order to demonstrate that we are meeting the aims of the general duty.

The information in the published report  takes account of the period 1 April 2018  to 31st March 2019

If you need information in large print, in Braille, on audio or in another language, please contact us.




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