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Sussex and Brighton governors

  • Marianne Phillips – Public Governor for Brighton

    (21 June 2018 - 20 June 2021) Marianne has a background in the health service - she trained as a nurse; so has seen the challenges the health service faces first hand. She also has previous experience as a Board member, Governor, Trustee and Non Executive Director for a variety of charitable and not for profit organisations. Marianne's areas of interest are strategy and accountability. She is not afraid to ask the 'difficult questions' yet aims to do this sensitively! Declared interests: Member of the Labour Party, Governing Board member for Future Qualifications an organisation responsible for paramedic qualifications.

  • Nicki Pointer - Public Governor for East Sussex & Deputy Lead Governor

    Term of office (1 March 2019 - 28 February 2022). Nicki is from Crowborough in East Sussex and works as a Senior Sister/Ward Manager at Pembury Hospital. She has been a Registered General Nurse for 7 years. Nicki is an active Community First Responder (CFR) volunteer for the Trust and became Deputy Team Leader of her local CFR scheme in 2016. Nicki is keen to champion person centred care and act as an advocate and ambassador for the Trust. Declared interests: none

  • Frank Northcott - Public Governor for East Sussex

    (1 March 2019 - 28 February 2020) Frank is from Polegate in East Sussex. He has been an active member of the Trust for five years, observing and asking questions at many Board and Council meetings. He comes from a family with four generations of service to the ambulance service. Now retired, Frank was a Chartered Engineer. His areas of interest are effective training, recruitment and retention of staff and volunteers in the Trust. Declared interests: Chartered engineer fellow of the institute of engineering and technology.

  • Pauline Flores-Moore Public Governor for West Sussex

    Term of office (1 March 2019 – 28 February 2022) Pauline lives in Horsham in West Sussex. She has been a volunteer Community First Responder for the Trust for 11 years and a Parish Councillor for 16 years. Semi retired but clearly keeping herself busy(!), Pauline works one day a week at Worthing Hospital in the A&E department. Pauline's area of focus is on striving for continuous improvements for the benefit of staff and patients. Declared interests: Southwater parish councillor

  • Harvey Nash - Public Governor for West Sussex

    Term of office (01 March 2019 - 28 February 2020) Harvey lives in Horsham West Sussex. His career to date has focussed on how to attract, develop and motivate employees alongside developing diversity practices. On early retirement, he became a Justice of the Peace sitting in Crime and Family and has chaired, for three years, the Sussex Family Panel. He is also a Bench rep for the West Sussex Magistrates Association. Harvey served with St John Ambulance for 8 years. He is serving the remaining term of a previous Governor. Declared interests: none

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