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Meeting Recordings

SoundcloudWe started recording our Council meetings in January 2015. You'll find audio recordings below, or you can sign up to receive updates from our SoundCloud page directly.

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March 5th 2020


December 3rd 2019


September 20th 2019

June 6th 2019


March 14th 2019


January 31st 2019


November 15th 2018

September 14th 2018


July 27th 2018


May 31st 2018

March 29th 2018

Please note that due to a power cut the beginning of the recording is missing.

January 29th 2018



November 30th 2017


September 28th 2017


July 27th 2017

June 2nd 2017

Due to technical difficulties the audio recording of this meeting is not availiable. We will share a link to the minutes of the meeting here once they have been approved. Apologies for any inconvenience.

March 30th 2017

January 31st 2017


November 29th 2016


September 27th 2016

July 28th 2016

00:00 Chairs welcome, minutes, matters arising
00:18:08 Board performance report and Unified Receovery Plan
- Performance report
- New HQ/EOC
- Move to Operating Units
- NHS 111 and 999 performance
01:24:02 Terms of reference for the Governor Development Committee
01:24:40 Council Committee reports
01:28:00 Governor Activities and Queries
01:49:30 Questions from the public
01:52:53 Areas to highlight to NEDs
01:54:58 Any other business

June 2nd 2016


Part 1/1
00:00 Chairs welcome, minutes,matters arising
09:23 Board report
- Executive appointments and portfolios
- CQC inspection feedback
- 2016-17 eight objectives
- Key assurances
– governance improvements, staff survey outcomes (staff welfare) and EOC/HQ move
01:39:19 Lead and Deputy Lead Governor election and Nominations Committee election.
01:48:29 Membership Development Committee report
01:53:50 Governor Development Committee report
02:00:29 Any other business



March 31st 2016

00:00:25 Chairs welcome, minutes and action log.
00:01:51 Questions from the public
00:06:57 Executive report & questions to the Exec.
01:19:24 Agreement of Agenda Framework 2016-17
01:20:49 Committee Reports
01:22:45 Annual plan update and feedback on Governors input

January 28th 2016

Part 1/1

00:00:01 Chairs intro, minutes and questions from the public
00:15:53 Chief Execs report
01:34:01 Quality Account information & discussion
02:08:18 Committee reports and AOB

November 26th 2015

Part one

0:00:01 Welcome, minutes, matters arising and report from public Board meeting
0:17:15 Update on SECAmbs response to Monitor Undertakings
01:19:48 Update on progress on R3/R5 Rectification Plan

Part two

00:00:06 Performance, patient care and winter planning: Winter planning
00:11:19 Chief Executive’s Report: New HQ/Make Ready Centres update, recruitment and retention update.
00:19:50 Public Access Defibrillators
00:51:20 Community First Responders update

Part three

00:01:48 DBS Checks
00:02:19 Process for involving Governors in annual planning 2016-17
00:06:08 Feedback from observation of the Risk Management and Clinical Governance Committee
00:33:39 Council of Governors Committee reports
00:47:49 Governor Activities and Updates
00:48:46 Any other business


September 24th 2015

00:00:08 Chairs introduction and matters arising
00:02:00 Minutes
00:09:43 Questions from the public
00:11:21 Chief Executives report
00:35:56 Volunteering: Community First Responder Update
01:01:47 Mental health: Improving the response to patients
01:25:45 Membership Development annual report
01:27:16 Governor Development Committee annual report
01:27:54 Nominations Committee annual report
01:28:26 Governor Activities annual report & AOB

July 30th 2015

Part one of the meeting  

0:00:42 Chair's introduction and matters arising
0:02:23 Minutes
0:03:30 Questions from the Council & action log
0:32:00 Chief Executive's Report

Part two of the meeting

0:00:15 Volunteering update from the Chief Executive
0:23:16 Presentation of draft annual report, accounts, quality report and account, and audit report.
0:59:50 Governor Terms of Office
01:25:40 Feedback on attendance at the Workforce Development Committee
01:43:12 Membership Development Committee report & Governor Development Committee report
01:45:08 Governor Activities and Updates & AOB


June 2nd 2015

Part one of the meeting

00:02 Chair's Introduction & matters arising
04:20 Minutes
19:56:00 Chief Executive's Report & questions from the Council

Part two of the meeting

00:00 Transformation programme update
0:44:10 Governor focus conference feedback
0:46:30 SECAmb IPHEC (cardiac)conference feedback
0:50:00 Membership Development Committee report
0:54:27 Nominations Committee
0:55:09 Governor Development Committee report
0:56:46 Governor Activities & Updates
0:58:56 Any Other Business


March 26th 2015

Part one of the meeting

00.02 Chair's Introduction
08.16 Matters arising
0:24:00 Minutes
0:27:00 Chief Executive's Report, Board ‘dashboard’ & questions from the Council
0:59:30 Agreement of Agenda Framework for Council meetings 2015-16

Part two of the meeting

0:00:47 Addition to CE report
0:05:35  Liaising with our Commissioners  - Libby Hough, Account Manager
0:54:40 Update on Councils input into Annual Plan
1:07:50 Observation of the Finance and Business Development Committee
1:10:30 Memebership Development Committee report
1:16:50 Governor Development Committee report
1:22:54 Governor activities and updates
1:24:10 Any Other Business


January 28th 2015

Part one of the meeting

01:10 Introduction
02:47 Minutes and matters arising
06:46 Action log
23:40 Chief Executive’s report
38:40 Questions from the Council to the CEO
55:16 Appointment of an external auditor

Part two of the meeting

00:00 Electronic patient care record (EPCR) update
46:08 Feedback on Governors’ observation of the Risk Management and Clinical Governance Committee (RMCGC)
48:14 Overview of challenges from Lucy Bloem, Trust Non-Executive Director and Chair of RMCGC
1:08:00 Feedback on Governors’ observation of the Audit Committee
01:15:50 Membership Development Committee report
01:18:30 Volunteer Charter development
01:21:49 Governor selection of Quality Account area for internal audit
01:30:17 Governor Development Committee report
01:36:36 Nominations Committee report, including the new ‘duty of candour’ and ‘fit and proper persons test’
01:43:11 Governor activities and queries report
01:44:38 Any other business

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